Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaning

When you dust and mop to clean hardwood floors, you’re not cleaning all the dirt. Cleaning hardwood floors requires deep dirt removal because without it, dirt, and allergens settle into cracks. Sweeping and mopping are important steps to reduce the chance of debris scratching floors and picking up daily dirt brought in by foot traffic; however, a professional hardwood cleaning is key to keeping dirt out of your floors.

  • We are specialized in keeping hardwood looking shiny, clean, and like new.
  • Extend the life of your hardwood floors – our cleaning and finishing can save the cost of repairs and replacement.
  • Our advanced cleaning methods remove deeply embedded dirt that erodes hardwood floors.
  • Our protective finish will give your floors a streak-free shine and look Clean As New!
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For more information on our efficient, cost-effective hardwood surface cleaning services, contact the experts at Knights of Cleaning at (778) 771-3595. We’re available to answer your questions about our services and processes and to offer you a free estimate for your carpet cleaning needs.


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