How to Deep Clean Your House For The Fall

As blankets, fireplaces, and warm drinks become an everyday thing, it is important to ensure that the house is cleaned before fall starts.

Proper cleaning will ensure that your house is ready for spending more time indoors, all while staying healthy and feeling clean during this fall season.

How to Deep Clean Your House for the Fall

Below is a simple overview that goes room-by-room and will help you clean your house for the fall.

Kitchen Cleaning

In the kitchen, start by clearing off your countertops to ensure you have space to work. Give the space a quick dusting and then move on to emptying out your fridge and cleaning it out from top to bottom, inside out.

Next, take a look at all your appliances and give them a nice deep clean. Follow that up with cleaning the cabinets, drawers, handles, and sink, and finish with the floors.

Bathroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaning is next. Start by dusting all reachable surfaces and then do your dusting. After that, move on to spraying down your tub or shower and letting that sit while you work on cleaning the toilet, vanity, sink, and mirror.

Bedroom Cleaning

In the bedroom, you’ll want to clean everything from the bedding to the mattress, and from the walls to the floor. Bedrooms can be one of the dustiest areas in the home, so be sure to dust thoroughly and vacuum where you can.

Pro Tip: Add a small diffuser to your room with some essential oils (Pumpkin is our fall favourite!) to help you set the mood.

Living Areas/Other Areas

All living areas are different, so here are a few basic rules to follow when cleaning your living areas.

Dust, dust, dust. Look high and low, checking the walls, windows, and baseboards.
Any furniture present in the living areas should be vacuumed.
If you have wood furniture, follow the manufacturers’ recommendation for cleaning and polishing.
Wipe down all windows, grooves, and sills.
Vacuum and mop, if possible, all floors from inside the room out.

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