Car Detailing In Surrey

Car Detailing In Surrey To Revitalize Your Vehicle

Your car is looking old and not nice? Knights Of Cleaning can help! We are the best at car detailing in Surrey. Our team of helpers will make your vehicle look like new again. We will clean the outside and inside of your car very well. We clean cars at your home or work. You can trust us to make your car look brand new. Give us a try and see how great we are at cleaning cars!

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Packages Tailored to Your Needs

At Knights Of Cleaning, we get that every car and its owner are different. So, we have special packages for car cleaning in Surrey, BC that match what you and your vehicle need. If you want just the outside cleaned quickly or the inside cleaned deeply, we can do it. Our team will work with you to pick the best services that fit your vehicle’s needs and how much you want to spend. Whatever package you go for, we promise it will get great care. Let us help you choose the right cleaning today.

Exterior Detailing Services That Shine

Our team makes the outside of your vehicle look amazing. We carefully wash and wax your car to protect its paint and give it a new shine. We also clean your wheels and tires until they sparkle. We make your windows clear and spotless. With our special tools and products, we make sure every outside part looks perfect. Trust us for a top-notch look for your vehicle.

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Hand Wash and Wax

Our hand wash and wax service is the best choice if you’re looking for car detailing in South Surrey. We first wash it carefully by hand to remove all the dirt. Then, we put on a high-quality wax to make your vehicle shine and protect its paint. This process makes sure it looks great and is safe from bad weather. Our team is very good at paying attention to details, so it gets the best treatment. Pick our hand wash and wax to make it stand out.

Paint Correction and Protection

We fix your car’s paint by getting rid of scratches and marks. We make the paint smooth and shiny again. Then, we put on a protective layer to keep the paint safe from dirt, sun, and water spots. This keeps it looking nice for a long time. Our team is really good at this and uses the best stuff to protect and beautify your vehicle paint.

Headlight Restoration

Clear headlights are key for safe driving. Our service takes away fog and yellowing, making your headlights shine bright. This helps you see better at night. If you need car detailing in Surrey, remember your headlights need attention too. Our team uses top tools and methods to make your headlights look new again.

Rim and Tire Cleaning

Our wheel cleaning service makes your rims and tires look super clean. We scrub off all the dirt, dust from brakes, and sticky stuff that can gather. This makes your wheels look nice and also keeps them from getting hurt. Our team uses special tools and safe soaps to make your wheels sparkle. Cleaning your wheels is important to look at its best all around.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is like a strong shield for your car’s paint. It stops water, dirt, and the sun from damaging. This helps it look new for longer. Our experts put on this coating very carefully. They make sure it is well protected. This service keeps your vehicle shiny and clean for more time.

Interior Detailing The Ultimate In Clean

Knights Of Cleaning makes car interior cleaning in Surrey even better. We clean every inside part, like seats and carpets, so they look and smell clean. Our team uses special tools and safe cleaners to get rid of spills, stains, and dirt. This makes the inside super clean. We also clean air vents and hard spots to reach, so it feels brand new inside. Choose us for a clean and fresh interior.

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Vacuuming and Steam Cleaning

For a deep clean, we vacuum and steam clean. This removes dirt and small bits from carpets and seats. Steam cleaning also gets rid of hard stains, so it looks new inside. This is good for anyone wanting a super clean vehicle. It’s included in our top car detailing in Surrey. Our team takes care of every area, making sure your interior is perfectly clean.


Leather and Upholstery Cleaning

We make your car’s leather and seats look great. We gently clean and treat leather so it stays soft and doesn’t crack. For cloth seats, we carefully remove stains and dirt. Our team can come to you anywhere in Surrey to do this, making it super easy. This service keeps the inside fresh and clean. We only use products that are safe for the planet. Let us help keep your vehicle inside nice.


Odor Elimination

Odor Elimination is a big part of making your car feel clean. Bad smells can make driving unpleasant. Our team at Knights Of Cleaning knows how to get rid of any bad odors, leaving your vehicle smelling fresh. We use special tools and safe products that tackle smells from food, pets, and more without harming your interior. Trust us to make the air clean and fresh again.


Fabric Protection

Fabric protection is key to keeping your car’s seats and carpets safe from spills and stains. Our team uses special sprays that make fabric resist dirt and water. This means less mess and easier cleaning. Perfect for families or pet owners who use our mobile car detailing in Surrey. Our products are safe and keep your vehicle inside looking new. Protecting your fabrics is a smart move for any owner.

Why Choose Knights Of Cleaning?

Pick Knights Of Cleaning for car detailing in Surrey and you’re choosing a team that cares about your vehicle. We give you top services because we listen to what you want and make sure our cleaning fits with your vehicle needs. Our pro cleaners know how to take care of any model vehicle and make it look awesome. Also, we come to you, so it’s super easy to get your vehicle shining without any trouble.


Our team has lots of experience with all types of cars. We know how to clean them well. Our team has special training to make sure they do the best job. They learn all the time to stay good at cleaning. This means we can make any vehicle look great, no matter what kind it is. We’re proud to know a lot about car detailing. This helps us do a great job for you.

Quality Products

We use only the best products for your car. Our products are chosen for their high quality and how well they clean and protect. They are safe for your car and the environment. We make sure each product works great, so your car looks amazing. Using top-notch products is part of how we give you the best car detailing.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have the newest tools for cleaning cars. This helps us clean your vehicle well and quickly. Our equipment can remove dirt and stains better than others. We want to do a great job, so we always pick the best machines and tools. This makes it look great after we’re done.

Environmentally Friendly Practices

We care about the Earth. We use green cleaning methods that don’t harm the planet. Our soaps and sprays are safe for the environment. We also use less water to keep our services eco-friendly. This means we clean it without making a big footprint on the Earth. We believe in keeping both your vehicle and our world clean.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in being open about our prices. You will always understand the cost before we start, with no unexpected charges. We tell you the price for each package early, so you can choose what works for your money. Our aim is to make sure you are pleased with our service and the cost. No secret charges, only clear, honest pricing for the best services.

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Scheduling Your Detailing Appointment With Ease

Booking your car detailing in Surrey with Knights Of Cleaning is easy and straightforward. Just give us a call or go to our website to choose a good time for you. Our nice team will help you pick the best package and get your appointment set up fast. We’re here to make everything smooth for you, so you can have a clean vehicle without any worry. Reach out today to arrange your detailing service!