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Upholstery Cleaning in Port Coquitlam, BC

Port Coquitlam Upholstery Cleaning Company

Get your home’s upholstery squeaky clean with Knights Of Cleaning, the best upholstery cleaning company in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia. Our expert technicians (Knights) will remove deep and embedded dirt and stains from your sofa and loveseat, and other pieces of furniture. β€” Consider us your Knights in shining armour!

Residential Upholstery Cleaning in Port Coquitlam

Whether you need upholstery cleaning for your home or business, Knights Of Cleaning can provide expert service. From chairs to sofas and love seats, our technicians will clean every inch of the piece of furniture you bring them. We even clean overstuffed upholstery that normal vacuums cannot penetrate.

Why Port Coquitlam Trusts Knights Of Cleaning With Their Upholstery

When you come to us, you are choosing a Port Coquitlam company that truly cares about their clients. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best upholstery cleaning services in Port Coquitlam, and maintaining long-term relationships with our customers. You can feel confident knowing that your home or office is being cared for by experienced professionals who will leave no stone unturned when it comes to your upholstery cleaning.

Why Is Cleaning Your Upholstery Important?

Protect Your Investment

Your upholstery is a big investment, and if you want it to last as long as possible, it’s important to take proper care of it.

Defend Your Family’s Health

The everyday dust and dirt that builds up in your sofa, loveseat, or chair is a haven for millions of bacteria. Those bacteria can cause not only allergies, but serious respiratory conditions.

Keep Furniture Looking It’s Best

Dirty upholstery is not only unsightly, but it can also take the beauty out of your home dΓ©cor. With a deep cleaning, you can have your upholstery looking like new, and your guests will thank you!

Couch & Sofa Cleaning

Whether you’re looking to remove stains from your couch, or you want to ensure that the fabric is sanitized and deodorized, we can help! Our upholstery cleaning technicians (Knights) will scour every inch of your sofa and loveseat and make sure they look their best.

We use a variety of different methods to clean upholstery, depending on the type of fabric your furniture is made from. For most fabrics, we’ll use a hot water extraction method that’s been proven to be one of the most effective ways to remove dirt and stains from your sofa and loveseat. In some cases, we may need to use dry cleaning techniques instead (for delicate fabrics, for example), or we might use steam cleaning if the fabric is water-resistant.

Leather Cleaning

If you have upholstery that’s made from leather, we can restore it to its original lustre using a special cleaning solution that removes dirt and grime without damaging the delicate fabric. We also offer a deep cleaning service for leather sofas and couches, which removes built-up dirt and oils.

Leather furniture is an investment, which is why it’s important to clean it at least once a year. When you do this, you’ll prolong the life of your furniture by years!

Ottoman Cleaning

From ottomans to benches, our cleaning technicians (Knights) can handle them all! We offer general upholstery cleaning services in Port Coquitlam for almost any type of upholstered furniture, which means that your ottoman will be in the best of hands.

Deodorizer & Stain Protector

When you schedule your upholstery cleaning appointment, we’ll apply a deodorizer and stain protector to your furniture. This will prevent uncontrolled soiling of the fabric after the cleaning process has been completed. It also ensures that dirt doesn’t stick to the furniture during regular use.

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Why Is Cleaning Your Upholstery Important?


Get Rid Of Dust, Bacteria & Germs

You might not realize it, but your upholstered furniture is a haven for dust and bacteria. It’s made of cloth and hidden away from the typical vacuum and dusting you do in most rooms of your home. It’s easy for dust and other materials to get trapped in your soft furniture, and regular cleaning is an effective solution.


Keep Your Soft Furniture Supple

Cloth upholstery is soft, but it can get brittle and easily crack or tear if it’s not cared for. Prolonged exposure to the sun, dirt and grime can make upholstery materials brittle. Cleaning your furniture regularly with gentle upholstery cleaners will keep it soft and help prevent tearing or cracking.


Extend The Life Of Your Upholstery

All furniture is subjected to use and wear and tear, and the same goes for upholstered furniture. If you clean your upholstery regularly, it can last for a very long time. You will be able to prolong the life of your upholstery and save money in the long run.

Our Mighty Upholstery Cleaning Process


Full Walk-Through

We first do a thorough walk-through of the full job identifying the type of upholstery, any stains, and the soiling level we walk you through what the best way forward will be to make sure the clean comes out great!


Pre-Treating The Upholstery

Secondly, we pre-treat the furniture/upholstery with a high-quality pre-spray solution. The pre-treatment helps to pull out stains and allows for maximum extraction.


Deep Cleaning Extraction

For the final step, we extract dirt and stains from the upholstery with our top-of-the-line high-power cleaning equipment.

Free Deodorizer & Spot Treatment Included.

No Hidden Fees.

Upholstery Cleaning Before & Afters


Do you have to clean your couch?

Although you don’t absolutely have to clean your couch, we recommend that you include couch cleaning into your regular cleaning schedule (quarterly, or yearly). That way, you can ensure that your couch is always looking, smelling, and feeling great. Not to mention removing allergens, bacteria, and other harmful substances that might be hiding in the fibres of your couch.

How much does it cost to clean an upholstered chair?

Just like the cost of cleaning a couch, pricing depends on several factors. The size of your couch/chair, the amount of work needed, and whether you need to remove anything out of it are just some things that affect the price. Our technicians will provide an accurate quote after they have had a chance to look at your furniture in person.

How much does it cost to clean a sofa?

The cost of cleaning a sofa depends on several factors. An accurate quote can’t be given without seeing your sofa first. Some common factors that affect the price are the materials it’s made out of, how many pieces there are in total, and how much work is needed to remove anything stored inside it.

Does steam cleaning a couch work?

Steam cleaning is a great way to maintain your couch. Using steam to clean upholstered furniture is like using hot water or other liquids, but without the risk of staining or damaging fabrics. Using high-pressure steam can remove grime, allergens, bacteria, and other harmful substances.

How do professionals clean upholstery?

Depending on the extent of the damage or soiling, some steps are taken to ensure that the couch is as clean as possible. The initial dry-cleaning process might involve vacuuming, and applying a pre-treatment on areas with stubborn stains or dirt. Then, if needed, our technicians will use specialized tools (extraction machines) to remove dirt and water/liquid from inside the upholstery.

How often should you get your upholstery cleaned?

The best way to maintain your couch is by getting it professionally cleaned once or twice per year. This will ensure that it’s always looking, smelling, and feeling great. Not to mention removing allergens, bacteria, and other harmful substances that might be hiding in the fibres of your couch.

How long does it take to clean a couch?

The time needed to clean a couch depends on several factors, such as the overall size, the number of pieces it is divided into, and how dirty or soiled it is. Our technicians will provide an accurate quote after they have had a chance to look at your furniture in person.

A general rule of thumb, however, is 2-3 hours for a 3-seater and 3-4 hours for a 4-seater.

Is steam cleaning good for upholstery?

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean upholstery. Using steam allows for deep cleaning, while also ensuring that the fabrics are not damaged or discoloured by harsh chemicals (which is why many people opt for dry-cleaning).


Does steam cleaning remove smells?

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to remove bad odours from upholstery. When steam passes through, it heats up and opens the fabric’s fibres. This allows for the smells to be pulled out along with any other substances that might have penetrated your couch (like dirt, grime, bacteria).

Does steam cleaning damage furniture?

Steam cleaning furniture rarely damages it. The heat used in steam cleaning is significantly lower than what’s used with dry-cleaning, which means that there is no risk of oxidizing fabrics (a common problem with dry-cleaning).