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Home-improvement by carpet cleaning vancouver company shows many of us opt for the comfort of carpets. Carpeting not only looks attractive but it’s warm and cozy, too. There are tons of colors and textures from which to choose and homeowners can opt for something that fits both their décor and personality.

If carpet is your flooring of choice, taking care of it, of course, is ultra-important. Aside from vacuuming and spot cleaning, when necessary, regular deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaning company is essential for a number of reasons:


  • Improved appearance and feel – The look of your carpets will be enhanced when you keep them clean. When a carpet is dirty or dusty, fibers become matted and carpet begins to look not only dingy but also flat and worn. Cleaning removes dirt and dust, improves the appearance of the carpet, and also makes it feel better under your feet.
  • Improved carpet life – When you take the time to care for your carpets, which includes a routine cleaning, you’ll find that your carpets last longer and you’ll be more likely to keep them for a longer stretch of time, simply because they look good and show less wear-and-tear.
  • Better for your health😊 – Chances are the health of your family is a big deal. That means you’ll want to keep all the elements inside your home in a state that promotes good health. When carpets aren’t regularly cleaned, they become a home for dust mites, bacteria, and all sorts of allergens. This is particularly dangerous for anyone who already deals with respiratory problems such as asthma or emphysema. While vacuuming helps, cleaning is more thorough and literally helps your family breathe more easily.
  • Enriched airflow – When dust, bacteria🦠, and debris clog your carpets, research shows that this can affect the airflow in your home. This means rooms become stuffy and can begin to smell unpleasant as well. Carpet cleaning not only removes the dirt and debris but also makes carpets smell better, too.
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Of course, choosing the right carpet cleaning company in Vancouver makes a difference. At Knights of Cleaning, we use time-tested methods that rank among the best cleaning techniques available. Our portable units are top-notch and we go the extra mile as well by treating your carpets with an enzyme pre-spray that breaks down the oils, stains and heavy soils that make your carpet look dirty, dull, and old. We then extract the carpet with high temperature steam, removing all the soil and moisture, allowing for quick drying. Finally, deodorizers leave your carpet smelling fresh as well. We’ll move your furniture too and be sure that everything is put back where it belongs. In other words, our service covers everything you need for a pleasant carpet cleaning experience.

For more information of our efficient, cost-effective carpet cleaning services, contact the experts at Knights of Cleaning at 604-349-4743. We’re available to answer your questions about our services and processes and to offer you a free estimate for your Carpet Cleaning Services in Vancouver.



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