7 Types of Cleaning Businesses

Whether you’re just setting up a commercial cleaning services company in Vancouver from scratch or expanding your cleaning services, you’ll need to have a clear idea of the cleaning service types offered in the market. While these cleaning service types have distinct tasks, they also have overlapping qualities, equipment, and even customers.

For example, you can have a customer who needs a deep cleaning service for their home. Floored by your quality of work, they want to refer you to their office administrator for commercial cleaning service. Or, the same customer needs some laundry and dry cleaning work to be done on a bi-weekly basis.

Although it is a golden opportunity you cannot take it up lightly, for you’ll need specialized equipment, cleaning products, and even more people on your crew to complete a commercial cleaning job without any hiccups. In other words, you need a clear understanding of what every cleaning service type entails before you dive headfirst into it.

Read on to see an overview of seven common types of cleaning services that you can provide your customers.

1. Residential Cleaning Services

Also known as domestic or household cleaning is the process of cleaning a customer’s home when he/she is present or currently out of the house. Customers spend their well-earned money on well-deserved domestic help as it helps them spend more time with their families instead of fussing over household chores.

2. Commercial Cleaning Services

Also known as office cleaning, is defined as the process of cleaning commercial buildings such as office spaces, schools, community buildings, and more. The cleaning can be scheduled either during the working hours when premises are open or outside of working hours when premises are closed.

3. Janitorial Cleaning Services

Although most people tend to use janitorial and commercial cleaning services as synonyms or deem one to be a subset of the other, they are quite different from each other. Janitorial cleaning services cover everyday, ongoing maintenance and cleaning of buildings like office spaces, schools, and industries while commercial cleaning involves bigger, deep-cleaning tasks that are performed once a few times a year.

4. Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services

Although they may sound similar, laundry cleaning and dry cleaning are quite different from each other. While laundry cleaning uses soaps, detergents, and softeners to wash clothes, dry cleaning uses high-end chemicals to remove persistent stains and grease from clothes.

5. Sanitization and Disinfection

In this COVID age, it is critical to keep both homes and offices free from harmful viruses and bacteria that can cause allergies, colds, and coughs. Sanitization and disinfection use physical and chemical means to ensure that our dwellings and office spaces are safe for human inhabitation and cut the COVID chain.

6. Green Cleaning Services

Nowadays, the term ‘green’ represents a movement to save our planet and ecosystem as a whole. The entire aspect of this type of cleaning service is to do more with less. Supporting green cleaning services can help businesses gain society’s respect and showcase a sense of social responsibility.

What’s more, most governments and commercial businesses consider green cleaning services to be worth their salt only when they are properly certified. While there are a ton of green-cleaning services available in the market, Green Seal and ISSA certifications are the most popular green-cleaning certifications.

7. Pressure Washing Services

Pressure washing cleaning service is the process of using a powerful stream of water (from a high-pressure water spray like a jet or power washer) to clean dirt-ridden carpets, mouldy buildings, loose paints on walls, and grime-filled objects, muddied vehicles, and other usually hard to clean surfaces.

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